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Genevieve Miller Hitchcock Public Library

Internet Policy


Our library realizes that free access to the full range of ideas and information is critical to the accomplishment of our mission.  Respect for patrons right to privacy and intellectual freedom are part of the basic philosophy of that mission.  The same standards outlined in the American Library Association "Library Bill of Rights", "Freedom to Read" and Freedom to View statements will be applied to our Internet access.  However, we reserve the right to limit access when the rights of others are violated.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the information accessed by children.  The library cannot regulate Internet access points for children.

Scope:  Our library will provide the greatest possible access to the Internet with our available resources.  The library is not able to offer Email accounts or video conferencing to the public at this time.  To ensure equality of access to all patrons, Internet resources may be allocated to the discretion of the Library Director.

Level of assistance:  Our Library staff will be available to introduce patrons to the Internet access and to provide the initial basic instruction on its use.  Reference assistance will continue to be provided within existing service guidelines.  The amount of time available to Library staff for Internet assistance may be limited by available resources.

Acceptable Use:  Patrons are expected to respect the rights, privacy and sensitivities of others when utilizing the Internet.  It is not acceptable to use Internet access to degrade, disrupt or modify the equipment or software or to vandalize the data of other users.  Patrons cannot gain unauthorized access to other data banks or resources or violate Federal State or Local laws or regulations.  Patrons cannot install private software or download any software files to the hard drive.

Liability:  Information accessed from the Internet may be controversial, inaccurate, outdated or offensive.  As with other materials and formats, availability of the information does not constitute endorsement by our library.  Patron usage of Internet resources carries a responsibility of the patron to evaluate the information received.  We assume no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, that anyone may experience through interaction with the Internet.

Agreement to Abide:  By using a public Internet workstation at our library all patrons agree to abide by the requirements stated or they will not be eligible to utilize Internet access at the library.